Meet the team



Ben Ling

First Ling Recycler! Ben has been involved in waste and recycling for the past 5 years, and was the driving force in getting the business up and running. You’ll usually find him up at our yard at 0600 in the morning and researching recycling at 2100 in the evening!

His previous background is youth work, and still works a Crossways Youth Club, having worked there for many many years. He is currently working on ways to keep it going, due to the sad decision by the local council to cut funding!


DanBracesDan Ling

Somehow convinced by Ben running a business together would be a great idea. So far, so good!

Background in managing care homes and social care. Brings a good health and safety knowledge, as well as the administration side. Loves working outdoors and being out on the road!



StephenStephen Bundy

Coming on board at the end of January 2016 as our first proper employee, is Stephen Bundy!

Bit like the energizer bunny but without the need to change batteries! He’s really hard working, got a sensible head on his shoulders, and we really would like to thank him for his commitment to the business as early stages, and hope he grows with us and the business.


IvyIvy (R.I.P.)

Our Iveco Daily was the first proper van we bought. She cost a little over £2k, and was a bit of a risk, but she almost never let us down, right from the start. A great curtain-sider, who put up with being battered by other vehicles, numerous punctures, forklift trucks attacking unprovoked, and the small incident of Dan and a wall, and Dan and a tree! She survived both!

We are very fond of our vehicles, and sadly Ivy passed away on a ball of flames on New Years day 2016. Not the best start to the year, but she’d have wanted us to keep going!

We miss you Ivy…