logoltdStorage with Ling Recycling

We can provide storage solutions in Dorset. For those who are short on space, and need temporary, or long term, storage, we can help!

Call Dan on 07832 344 961 or email!

Simple Process

We can collect, and return items, for a small cost to cover time. On arrival items are stacked on a pallet (or two, or three!)

Boxes are easiest, but most items can be stacked well and securely.loaded pallet


wrapped pallet Then pallet is wrapped to keep the items inside safe and protected.

This is transported for storage within a secure container. When you need the items returned, ring, and they get dropped off at a convenient time and place!

Cost is currently £12 per week, although there may be special offers at any given time, so please do contact us and ask for more information!